Update: 26 May 16

Post date: 07/06/2016


YoVideo v1.3.1 Social network of video - Android

YoVideo - social network of video, is an mobile video player for Android smartphone with great design. Viewers can view, follow and share with their friends on Facebook many interesting video. Using this application will save your money and time in creating a data sharing application.
Version 1.3.1
- Add loading more, reload data functions
- Add mp3 player
- Update vimeo player
- Add series view

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Comment (12)

  1. admin pls update latest version, i want to try this source before i buy it.

    Changelog Version 2.2

    – Add like video
    – Add comment video
    – Add app intro screen
    – Fix bug firebase notification

    pls update, thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Hello admin,
    can you upload this source :

    (APK Backup)

    (Android Material UI)

    because tommorow i can buy 1300 point, pls admin, Thanks:)